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Where do the laws of Nature come from? It from Bit?

Posted by pwl on September 3, 2010

Where do the laws of Nature come from?

Let’s explore this by way of two very interesting conversations, one from philosopher and physicist Paul Davies and the other from Stephen Wolfram.

Philosopher and physicist Paul Davies give a fascinating and thought-provoking talk on the possibility of an ultimate explanation for our universe. Dismissing the multiverse and God, he outlines an idea for finding an explanation for the universe and physical laws within the universe itself.

Now continuing off where Paul Davies left off suggesting that the universe is a computer and that the laws of Nature are part of the fabric of the objective reality of Nature itself Stephen Wolfram will show how the universe as a computer operates.

Noted scientist Stephen Wolfram shares his perspective of how the unexpected results of simple computer experiments have forced him to consider a whole new way of looking at processes in our universe.

What do you think about this?

One Response to “Where do the laws of Nature come from? It from Bit?”

  1. […] as in physics that is theorizing a math model of an aspect of Nature (e=mc^2). With the rise of A New Kind Of Science by Stephen Wolfram evidence based Cellular Automata that can represent realities that classical math can’t have […]

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