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Environ-Mental-Cases Eco-SNUFF and Terrorism Films

Posted by pwl on October 5, 2010

The 10:10 Eco-SNUFF Film isn’t funny. It advocates murdering you if you don’t agree with them, and not just you but anyone else who doesn’t agree with their extremist point of view.

It doesn’t even matter if their 10:10 beliefs are based upon flawed and unproven wild extreme and alarmist science claims.

It’s a form of pernicious totalitarianism that wishes to control the world by eliminating dissent. If history teaches us anything it is that dissent is essential to freedom.

If you support it you support totalitarian genocide and are an enemy of freedom of choice.

It’s not even really about the murder of children who don’t comply even though that is horrific all on it’s own. What makes it worse is the notion that no matter who disagrees with the Environmental Eco-psychopaths they will murder them regardless of age. They will kill you just because you disagree with them.

These videos show us a very clear statement of the internal minds of the extremist 10:10 environmental organization. It shows that they’d use mass murdering terrorism if they could. Their video (following) shows us their vision of the world. Does is reveal their intent? Do these people need to be put on terrorist watch lists now? One wonders.

How far will it go? Will there be a big red button that they push that launches nuclear missiles against cities or countries that fail to meet the 10% reduction “quota” imposed by the global 10:10 dictatorship cabal?

What was she thinking? Seriously, the ECO-SNUFF TERRORIST brain child behind this atrocity:

Caution: Extreme Blood and Gore Environmental Eco-Snuff film.

Caution: Extreme Big Brother Police State Terrorism Crackdown film.

Now for a refreshing point of view.

George Carlin speaks amazing facts of life: “Save the planet? We don’t even know how to look after ourselves yet!”

Now for some truly stupid hypocrisy from Fanny Armstrong and Gillian Anderson (star of ECO-SNUFF film).

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