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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is Abundant Life

Posted by pwl on October 9, 2010

CO2 is an essential plant nutrient that plants can’t live without. Plants thrive on CO2 and grow faster and larger in a rich CO2 environment as is provided for them in commercial greenhouses which have between 800 and 1400 ppm CO2. The current atmosphere of Earth has ~390 ppm of CO2 and plants are starting to respond growing 6% more biomass from 1980 to 1999. More plants = more food for humans so if you’re pro human you’re pro CO2! Besides that, plants give us Oxygen by liberating it from the CO2 with sunlight energy. CO2 is part of the Natural Life Cycle of Earth and you’d not be alive without it.

IF CO2 were to fall below ~140ppm plant life would die!

DO you really want to mess with the balance of life by reducing CO2?

Carbon Dioxide is Abundant LIFE!


One Response to “Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is Abundant Life”

  1. Chris Aviss said

    Straightforward commonsense; a breath of fresh air!

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