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Archive for October 18th, 2010

Who will protect us from the likes of Officer Bubbles?

Posted by pwl on October 18, 2010

Office Bubbles is another excellent example of why not to talk to police as he PROVES the point so well over nothing.

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Investigating the Climate of Doom

Posted by pwl on October 18, 2010

Investigating the Climate of Doom

1) Actual Science Data Correlations:

1a) 0.44 CO2 levels v.s. Temperature.

1b) 0.85 Pacific PDO + Atlantic AMO Ocean v.s. Temperature.

1c) 0.88 Linear+Cyclic Null Hypothesis v.s. Temperature. [2, 2d, 2e].

1d) 0.96 Pacific PDO + Atlantic AMO Ocean + Solar Activity v.s. Temperature.

2) While CO2 has increased in the last 50 years the 130 yr temp linear+cyclic tiny upward tend remains unchanged based upon observational data.

“Observed Global Yearly Mean Temperature Anomaly (GMTA) from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of the Hadley Centre.” from Predictions Of Global Mean Temperatures & IPCC Projections, by Girma Orssengo, B. Tech, MASc, PhD. [See 2d].

2a) The correlation between CO2 and Temperature [1a] is very weak at 0.44 and certainly does not show causation. The central claim of catastrophic climate alarmism is falsified by the actual temperature and CO2 observations in Nature.

2b) Put another way, for seventy or so years the temperature was rising slightly with a linear and cyclic trend, then as we pumped CO2 into the atmosphere in increasing amounts since after WWII that same slight linear and cyclic trend continued unchanged.

2c) As a result of this, Nature falsifies the alarmists claims, including their IPCC climate model predictions.
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An Ecological Internet Prophet Soothsaying Doomsday

Posted by pwl on October 18, 2010

The Facebook user “Ecological Internet” makes some rather alarming statements:

Earth poised to ecologically collapse bringing down biosphere, humanity & most if not all creatures. Avoidable but requires increase in knowledge & immediate biocentric action. – Ecological Internet on Facebook”

We know Earth dying and being for all creatures coming to an end – deal with it and commit to reversing – or you are the problem.” – Ecological Internet on Facebook

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