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Investigating the Climate of Doom

Posted by pwl on October 18, 2010

Investigating the Climate of Doom

1) Actual Science Data Correlations:

1a) 0.44 CO2 levels v.s. Temperature.

1b) 0.85 Pacific PDO + Atlantic AMO Ocean v.s. Temperature.

1c) 0.88 Linear+Cyclic Null Hypothesis v.s. Temperature. [2, 2d, 2e].

1d) 0.96 Pacific PDO + Atlantic AMO Ocean + Solar Activity v.s. Temperature.

2) While CO2 has increased in the last 50 years the 130 yr temp linear+cyclic tiny upward tend remains unchanged based upon observational data.

“Observed Global Yearly Mean Temperature Anomaly (GMTA) from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of the Hadley Centre.” from Predictions Of Global Mean Temperatures & IPCC Projections, by Girma Orssengo, B. Tech, MASc, PhD. [See 2d].

2a) The correlation between CO2 and Temperature [1a] is very weak at 0.44 and certainly does not show causation. The central claim of catastrophic climate alarmism is falsified by the actual temperature and CO2 observations in Nature.

2b) Put another way, for seventy or so years the temperature was rising slightly with a linear and cyclic trend, then as we pumped CO2 into the atmosphere in increasing amounts since after WWII that same slight linear and cyclic trend continued unchanged.

2c) As a result of this, Nature falsifies the alarmists claims, including their IPCC climate model predictions.

2d) Predictions Of Global Mean Temperatures & IPCC Projections, by Girma Orssengo, B. Tech, MASc, PhD, PDF, Predictions of Global Mean Temperatures IPCC Projections

2e) A primer for disproving IPCC’s theory of man made global warming using observed temperature data, by Girma Orssengo, B. Tech, MASc, PhD, A Primer for Disproving IPCC’s Theory of Man Made Global Warming Using Observed Temperature Data

2f) “The global temperature has been rising at a steady trend rate of 0.5°C per century since the depths of the little ice age in the 1700s (when the Thames River would freeze over every winter; the last time it froze over was 1804). On top of the trend are oscillations that last about thirty years in each direction:

1882 – 1910 Cooling
1910 – 1944 Warming
1944 – 1975 Cooling
1975 – 2001 Warming

In 2009 we are where the green arrow points, with temperature leveling off. The pattern suggests that the world has entered a period of slight cooling until about 2030.” – Global Warming, a classic case of alarmism.

2g) The wild CO2 Climate Doomsday Rapture Claims are almost all in the “red/pink” zone of the above (2f) graph, that includes the wild claims of Al Gore, Michael Mann, James Hansen, et. al.. As the graph shows they are way off track. It’s like they thought that Nature would just continue in some out of control fashion. Clearly Nature falsified their wild doomsday rapture end of the world due to Co2 claims. Clearly Nature doesn’t freak out over Co2, an essential nutrient of Carbon Based Life.

3) If CO2 increased temperature as the alarmists claim with their doomsday predictions it would have shown up in the temperature data diverting the tiny linear+cyclic upward trend that started 130 years ago after the little ice age ended. It hasn’t diverted the temperature.

4) This is likely because CO2’s specific heat contribution is logarithmic and already has contributed it’s bulk of heat retention (the first ~20ppm of CO2 is half of it’s specific heat / green house effect capacity).

4b) The Logarithmic Effect of Carbon Dioxide, by David Archibald, The Logarithmic Effect of Carbon Dioxide

4c) Of particular interest: “Lo and behold, the first 20 ppm accounts for over half of the heating effect to the pre-industrial level of 280 ppm, by which time carbon dioxide is tuckered out as a greenhouse gas.”

5) Natural causes of PDO+AMO+Solar clearly shown to a very high probability.

6) Based upon observed temperature and CO2 data Nature falsifies alarmist AGW hypothesis.

7) Thus alarmism over 0.44 not rational.

8 ) CO2 is an essential plant nutrient.

9) From 1980 to 1999 satellites measured a 6% increase in green plant life on the planet during a period of increasing CO2.

10) This is consistent with knowledge from biology and commercial greenhouse operations where CO2 levels of 900ppm to 1,200ppm are commonly used to grow plants faster and bigger.

11) Current atmospheric CO2 is at ~390ppm today. This indicates the potential expanded growth of many plants in the environment with more CO2 present.

12) More plants = more food for humans and for anyone who is pro human that is a good thing for we have an expanding population to feed.

13) CO2 will provide one of the key nutrients for the next green farming revolution.

14) Evidence of CO2 is life:

N) …

The above is a good summary of some of the factual reasons to conclude that there is no problem with CO2 other than hysteria due to the soothsaying of alarmist doomsday scenarios by irresponsible agenda driven worrywarts.

As always in science those making the positive claims for their hypothesis, in this case those making the claims for Catastrophic AGW, are the ones who must actually prove their claims with hard scientific evidence. So far nothing but weak non-causal correlation of CO2 and temperature.

If there is any evidence to actually support the alleged correlation of CO2 to temperature rise as the alarmists allege please provide it. Thanks. I’ve asked many hundreds of supporters of the alarmist AGW hypotheses for their evidence and so far no hard evidence at all and certainly nothing that does any better than their 0.44 correlation of CO2 to temperature.

I challenge everyone who believes the world is in danger from “climate change” to take The Pro AGW Hypothesis Challenge: Present a clearly written statement of your alleged alarmist AGW hypotheses along with all the alleged scientific claims made and any hard evidence that supports those claims, provide all data to support your claims (all raw data and all manipulated data including the reasons for the manipulations), plus mention all means to verify preferably by experiment the claims, and all means by which they would be refuted. Show your work or the work of others in full detail.

Updated 20110601 Added the raph and insight from Dr Syun Akasofu via the JoNova article.

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