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Who will protect us from the likes of Officer Bubbles?

Posted by pwl on October 18, 2010

Office Bubbles is another excellent example of why not to talk to police as he PROVES the point so well over nothing.

Officer Bubbles’ files $1.2M suit

“Do not call him “Officer Bubbles.” It is Toronto Police Constable Adam Josephs, to you. And getting his name right is one element of a $1.2-million lawsuit Const. Josephs recently filed against YouTube seeking the identity of YouTube user ThePMOCanada — as well as those of 24 other commenters — over an animated cartoon uploaded after a video earned him instant notoriety during the G20 Summit this summer.

The Toronto officer earned the moniker when a video showing his reaction to a protester blowing bubbles his way went viral. In the video, a young female protester approaches Const. Josephs and another officer and proceeds to blow bubbles toward them both. Not amused, Const. Josephs takes a firm tone in explaining to the protester, 20-year-old Courtney Winkels, that she will be arrested and charged with assault the moment one of her bubbles comes into contact with either of the officers. The video became symbolic of what many saw as overzealous force used by police during the G20 summit.”

It’s sad and perverted that Officer Bubbles believes that his “tough bubble” bad attitude somehow makes people “respect” him! It does the opposite Office Bubbles!

Office Bubbles you are guilty of an act of Contempt of Citizen (the opposite of contempt of court) when you use your bubble bullying arrogance.

Officer Bubbles you can’t get people to respect you with force. Office Bubbles you’re mistaking FEAR for respect. Shivers.

Take Office Bubbles badge away forthwith. Investigate all his arrests for they will very likely show similar disdain and contempt for the citizens he’s sworn to protect. Disarm this dangerous man, he has shown that he is not worthy of carrying a loaded fire arm as his mind is a dangerous weapon.

Who will protect us from the likes of Office Bubbles?

Who will protect us from the likes of Office Bubbles?

Who will protect us from the likes of Office Bubbles?

Who will protect us from the likes of Office Bubbles?

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2 Responses to “Who will protect us from the likes of Officer Bubbles?”

  1. pwl said

    It was a bubble trap, essentially the police where there to arrest people and to collect information using arrest or pre-arrest procedures and the on the hair trigger of the slightest reason no matter how insignificant. In this case a bubble was all that Officer Bubbles needed to trigger his arrogant weapon of power tripping, his mind. Take his badge away. Toss him out of the police. Ban him from ever being in the cult of government ever again.

  2. pwl said

    “I think the look on the female officer tells the story the best, to me she looks in total shock and disbelief over the situation.” – Doug Potts

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