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Penn Jillette’s Two Word Response to Cardinal Cormack Murphy O’Conner

Posted by pwl on November 18, 2010

“It is reported that the Government is considering bestowing a peerage on Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor, the Archbishop of Westminster and head of the Roman Catholic Church in England. In light of the ‘paedophile priest’ scandals in his Church’s recent past and his appalling leadership failures in dealing with these matters, Murphy O’Connor has demonstrated himself to be unfit to take any place in Parliament and should NOT be given such a reward.”

Petition against Cormac Murphy O’Connor.

Cormac Murphy O’Conner’s Dogma

Other responses

2 Responses to “Penn Jillette’s Two Word Response to Cardinal Cormack Murphy O’Conner”

  1. fixman88 said

    I’m an Agnostic, does that make me half human? Just wondering.

  2. pwl said

    If you’re a human being, you’re a human being… I don’t get why you’d think otherwise… being agnostic just means that you have yet to figure out the facts of life… you’re hoping for immortality that won’t ever come… the objective reality of Nature is full of joyous wonder as well as stark horrors. Mortality and the permanent death with utter obliteration and NO chance of a second life in a magical hell or heaven is one of those horrors. Get over it or not, figure it out or not, when death comes to life that’s the end in all ways.

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