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The Grand Delusion of The Elites

Posted by pwl on March 21, 2011

The Elite Cult members of Government, have been using peoples delusions and fears to trick them as elites of all political persuasions have done throughout history. In this case Obama is using peoples very real god delusions and fears of retribution from their alleged god as a means of connecting with and conning them. Obama also plays the climate doomsday wild claims fear card as well quite frequently.

The Grand Delusion - Elites Tricking The People


While Obama seems to play a number of different fear cards than Bush Jr did, they both play up the religious god delusion card to maximum effect whenever posisble. It’s a good one since so many people are belief stricken with the very real god delusion that has people not be able to separate their very real fantasies of their alleged god from the harsh objective reality of the facts of life that there is no god at all except the delusion of one in their brain.

It’s a good thing too that all gods die with their believers for it gives those of us dedicated to real life connected with the facts of life a chance for a real life on Earth without alleged gods mucking up everything.

The real problem of course is that just as people can’t separate their god delusion from reality they can’t separate the lies of the elites and politicians either, which is why the god delusion is a useful tool of just about every elite cult member. It enables them to con a vast majority of people since those people haven’t learned how to test their thoughts against the actual objective reality of Nature. This lets the elites talk slosh and get away with it time and time and time again.

One benefit (to the Elites) of religion belief stricken faith based mind goo is that it enables the elites to con you into believing the lies of the elite and the lies of the State. Religion and the State go hand in hand, even in allegedly secular countries like the USA.

Another benefit (to the Elites) is that people are already primed and ready to believe without any evidence whatever doomsday stories that are somehow beneficial to be sold to the masses. Religion predisposes people to doomsday ideas and many instantly embrace them. This is so wide spread in human culture that it can even impact those who have managed to extract themselves from the various doomsday religious death cults (the big three for example).

The only remedy to The Grand Delusion of The Elites is to not buy into it, same goes for any and all doomsday scenarios that are sold and over sold to the public, even those that claim to have science behind them. Use the scientific method, learn it, ask the difficult questions, ask for the verifiable evidence and when they won’t give it or just give more claims keep asking for the evidence in a verifiable or refutable format. Insist for evidence the more they say their claims. Assert your right to be a scientific skeptic dedicated to the proper use of the scientific method by all who make claims about the world and the universe. Learn. It’s not always easy but it is just about always very important for your freedom of thought and your independence and control of your own life.

[1] Original image source: Sky News

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