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Legal Arguments Why Obama Doesn’t Qualify For US President Even If He Was Born In Hawaii

Posted by pwl on April 27, 2011

Clearly the PDF file of Obama’s Birth Certificate found on the White House dot Gov blog web site is a “digital composite with a green background layer”. That doesn’t mean that it’s a fake though.

IF this type of digital PDF document is what the State of Hawaii does to make digital PDF versions of the document for people whose records where NOT computerized then the document is as it says, “I CERTIFY THIS IS A TRUE COPY OR ABSTRACT OF THE RECORD ON FILE IN THE HAWAII STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH” with the signature of “Alvin T. Onaka, Phd. STATE REGISTRAR”.

If you know anything about legal notarization of documents this could very well be a properly notarized legal true copy EVEN WITH ALL THESE DIGITAL ASPECTS IN THE PDF FILE.

People won’t believe Obama now though regardless.

A Solution For Obama
The best solution is a LIVE HD broadcast where multiple film crews from CNN, FOX, MSNBC, …, get to follow Alvin T. Onaka into the Hawaii State Department of Health records archive and have him show them the original copy and let them film close ups of it with their HD 1080p cameras and let them take tons of digital photographs of it at super high resolution. That would possibly settle the matter. Maybe.

But it’s all moot as the real issue is does Obama meet the qualifications of “Article II” of the US Constitution to be President? Well, seemingly no even if he was born in Hawaii according to this very well thought out legal argument (there are a couple of others but this is the best of the three against that I’ve seen so far)!!!

Why doesn’t Obama meet the requirements of President:

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Which is the Real Newly Released Obama Birth Certificate? A Faked One Already?

Posted by pwl on April 27, 2011

Ok this is bizarre. Somebody has already retouched the Newly Released Certificate of Life Birth that Obama released today. Heck it’s not even been a day and it’s been retouched.

UPDATE: Ok, part of the mystery solved. The official copy is the “green” one as that is what was released by here: with the PDF of the certificate here:

Hold on, the PDF file is NOT just a bit map, the background pattern is just that with other images and items LAYERED on top of it. In other works it’s not one image it’s a composite set of images in the PDF document! For example there are multiple items making up the black parts of the image, the signature block at the bottom is clearly a bit map while the lines and labels seem to be text or other bit maps that highlight white while being drawn! This gets more interesting.

You can see this by saving the PDF and opening it in Adobe PDF Reader then resizing the window and watching it redraw, it redraws in layers a piece at a time quickly. Hmmm….

Could be just the way they do it in Hawaii… but it’s not just a scan of an image. This would also explain how they can easily get multiple different backgrounds, as that could easily be removed or changed with a PDF editing program!

Just the observed facts with questions. Please don’t shoot the messenger. I’m Canadian and really have no vested interest in this one way or the other, just curious about it.

What’s with the “green” background that looks so fake?

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