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Which is the Real Newly Released Obama Birth Certificate? A Faked One Already?

Posted by pwl on April 27, 2011

Ok this is bizarre. Somebody has already retouched the Newly Released Certificate of Life Birth that Obama released today. Heck it’s not even been a day and it’s been retouched.

UPDATE: Ok, part of the mystery solved. The official copy is the “green” one as that is what was released by here: with the PDF of the certificate here:

Hold on, the PDF file is NOT just a bit map, the background pattern is just that with other images and items LAYERED on top of it. In other works it’s not one image it’s a composite set of images in the PDF document! For example there are multiple items making up the black parts of the image, the signature block at the bottom is clearly a bit map while the lines and labels seem to be text or other bit maps that highlight white while being drawn! This gets more interesting.

You can see this by saving the PDF and opening it in Adobe PDF Reader then resizing the window and watching it redraw, it redraws in layers a piece at a time quickly. Hmmm….

Could be just the way they do it in Hawaii… but it’s not just a scan of an image. This would also explain how they can easily get multiple different backgrounds, as that could easily be removed or changed with a PDF editing program!

Just the observed facts with questions. Please don’t shoot the messenger. I’m Canadian and really have no vested interest in this one way or the other, just curious about it.

What’s with the “green” background that looks so fake?

Image from:

Not only that but you can see at the bottom of the image that it’s been MANIPULATED as there is blue there. It sure looks like somebody has retouched this image to make it look fake. The green “pattern” wouldn’t be continuous like that on real paper. It also has a horizontal gray bit map image error artifact just above the registrar’s signature. Something fishy.

The blue background looks more real:

Image from:

You can tell since the blue background is in all the surrounding paper while center area the of the copy clearly it’s a scanned photocopy attached to a blank piece of paper with the Registrar’s signature.

In order for them to have made a certified true copy with a green background they’d have had to have photocopied the original onto clear transparent cellophane type material first and then copied that transparent image onto green paper. However, why would the Telegraph release a blue one? What is going on here?

The actual contents of the two images when it comes to the birth certificate information seem identical in both images, it’s just the backgrounds that seem to be different. Weird.

What’s up with that?

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