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Revenge Justice makes you the same as your enemy and it perpetuates the problem thus it’s NOT Justice at all

Posted by pwl on May 10, 2011

In the 60 minutes interview Obama states his notion of “revenge justice”. What was more disturbing though is his self justifying attitude that anyone who disagrees with his style of “revenge eye for an eye justice” has to “have their heads examined”. Using the methods of Osama bin Laden doesn’t make you a better man Obama, it just makes you another terrorist and murderer. That’s the problem with the revenge notion of justice, you become what your enemy is.

Justice: “Theory of the morally appropriate way of resolving social differences. There is no one theory of justice.

[1] One view is that justice involves avoiding or preventing harm to people;

[2] another that is involves treating people according to their deserts [revenge justice, an eye for an eye, or as Obama put it “Osama deserved what he got”];

[3] another that people should be treated according to their needs;

[4] another that they should be treated according to fair and impartial procedures.”

Dictionary of Theories, page 290, David Miller et al., eds, The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Political Thought (Oxford, 1987), RB

The problem with revenge justice is that you have to use the same methods as those you bring your vengeance to. That then leaves them open to bring their revenge justice back to you using the exact same vengeance justification that you used to bring them revenge justice aka vengeance.

Revenge justice isn’t justice since it’s methods perpetuate the cycle of violence without “resolving social differences” at all!!!

Real justice actually resolves the social differences no matter how large they are.

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