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Science Believed Is No Different Than Any Religion

Posted by pwl on May 10, 2011

Nullis in verba. Take no one’s word for it.” – Motto of the Royal Society

In a FREE society people are free to “believe” or “not believe” any claim of science, however BOTH are making a mistake!!!

Belief: taking as true (or false) that which you have no evidence for; basing your belief upon faith or trust (another form of faith).

Belief has NOTHING to do with science, belief is a process of the mind that takes things on faith rather than evidence that can be verified, preferably by each person or in a basic science class room.

Now not all science can be verified easily and that then becomes a problem since it then inevitably involves “trust” and that trust can be misplaced. Also science in some areas is still moving quite fast so what you thought was true just a few years ago has been updated or shown to be not quite the case… but if you’re still going off of the prior knowledge you’re just as belief stricken as any faithful person.

In cases where “trust” is required I hold it as “contingent” knowledge that is claimed to be true but has yet to be proven directly to me with experiment or data. I also hold most statistical analyses as suspect contingent knowledge as I’ve seen way too many flawed statistical analysis being presented as if it’s true when it’s fact it’s just one interpretation of the data using statistical tools.

Science is not easy and to expect people to “believe” or “trust” in science without questioning it or without the scientists proving it with open verifiable evidence is really the elite asking people to take it on faith and is no different than any religion and that is really dangerous! Science believed or disbelieved is no much different than religion. Caution is advised, skepticism is required in science and forms the foundation of the scientific method. Anyone wanting you to believe their results rather than them proving their claims is not following the scientific method, they have a political agenda and that is a problem.

Nullis in verba. Take no one’s word for it.” – Motto of the Royal Society

It’s not wise to “believe” scientists at all… for “belief” is UNSCIENTIFIC!!! Science is based upon the scientific method which requires that all claims be OPENLY VERIFIABLE OR REFUTABLE aka falsifiable. Thus it is fine to not believe the claims of scientists until you’re satisfied that they are not cooking the results or haven’t gotten it wrong.

Scientists who make claims that can’t be verified by independent parties who would like to do so are violating the scientific method. At it’s default and core science is skeptical, openly and independently verifiable evidence must carry the day for all claims otherwise there is no difference between science and the dogma of religion.

Science believed or taken on faith or trust is no different than religious dogma believed on faith. Doesn’t matter how much the scientists say “trust me” or “it’s true”, they must openly provide their alleged evidence, alleged data observations, show all their work, their statistical methods, their source code for their software, how they massaged or manipulated the data and why, full details of all their analytical methods and algorithms, the full details so that their work can be independently verified, replicated or refuted aka falsified or improved upon or criticized by independent parties who choose to get involved. Failure to do so means they fail at science.

Science is empirical. Knowing the answer means nothing. Testing your knowledge means everything.” – Lawrence Krauss

It seems lots of people don’t understand the scientific method. Scientific illiteracy abounds. If you “trust” science you’re not being scientific. Those making the claims must prove their claims, not just assert them. Huge difference.

That also goes for people challenging the claims of science too by the way. That is the whole point of science, to improve the accuracy of our understanding of the objective reality of Nature and thereby make our lives better.

Just because a scientist gets a paper “peer reviewed” doesn’t mean that it’s correct or accurate or problem free at all. It just means it’s been through ONE pass of vetting, often not that good at all, especially in some fields.

Caution is advised, skepticism is required in science and forms the foundation of the scientific method. Go forth and be skeptical and demand the actual evidence from anyone making any claim of science! Don’t believe any scientist, demand to see the evidence, demand to be told how to validate or replicate their experiments, demand to have them justify their use of statistics, demand to know how their hypothesis, or theory, can be falsified. If they refuse then demand that they follow the open scientific method. Go forth and learn the ways of scientific literacy.

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