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Archive for May 29th, 2011

CAUGHT IN THE ACT: The Crimes of the U.S. Park Police, The Face of Totalitarianism and Disproportional Illegal Assaults

Posted by pwl on May 29, 2011

The Government doesn’t have the right to stop people from expressing themselves in non-violent ways regardless of where they are. Read the USA Constitution, doesn’t say anything about the rights of citizens being suspended in the Rotunda of the Jefferson Memorial.

U.S. Park Police Jump The Shark on people expressing their rights under the Thomas Jefferson memorial statue. Jefferson weeps.

“Five people were arrested for dancing at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, in defiance of a ban on demonstrations at the site.” – Digital Journal

Arrest the police offices for assault and false arrest and for wasting the public money, which is fraud on their part.

Charge this officer with: Physical assault by U.S. Park Police Office against Man in White Shirt: the body slam assault #1:

Charge this officer with: Choking Physical Assault by U.S. Park Police Office against Man in White Shirt: the choking assault assault #2:

Two videos capture many more assaults by the U.S. Park Service Offices on their Rampage of Violating Rights, plus analysis and cautionary advice on filming police.

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