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Where Did EVERYTHING Come From?

Posted by pwl on June 10, 2011

Here is an interesting observation. The universal singularity that was the beginning of everything was everything – all matter, all energy, all information, all spacetime, all laws of nature, etc…, everything, all fractured and bundled up in their constituent quantum particles… or smaller bits… ALL ONE UNIT of STUFF. When you have the condition that everything is the same you have no distinction between anything. No difference in time nor in location in space. No difference between any of anything since it’s all one unit singularity. When you have that unique particular condition then you have something that is indistinguishable from nothing. Thus everything can easily come from nothing. Not only that, it’s inevitable that something be created since nothing is not stable since as there is nothing you have a distinction and a distinction is something which means there is no longer nothing which means a big bang is going to happen as the nothing/everything of the singularity starts to distinguish itself into distinct somethings – quantum or sub quantum particles or energies. Time and space begin.

Now an alleged god is a something so if one exists it had to start existing after the big bang for the alleged god couldn’t be before as there was no before since the big bang is the beginning of spacetime-energy-matter-everything. In fact we have excellent evidence of when the alleged gods where created, as soon as man became sentient enough to imagine alleged gods.

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