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Quantum Levitation Locking aka Star Trek Tractor Beams

Posted by pwl on October 18, 2011

“Tel-Aviv University demos quantum superconductors locked in a magnetic field.”

This is a kind of Tractor Beam where the beam is the magnetic field of permanent magnets and a superconducting material. It’s quite impressive aspect of Quantum Mechanics operating at a macro scale, something we’re not used to seeing. It’s the “locking” aspect that is fantastic. Of course this raises many questions about what applications are posisble.

First let’s watch the recent demo that’s been spreading like wildfire.

Now for more indepth videos that get a little bit into the science.

Of course I like science one can do oneself the best… this experiment using magnets and no superconductors.

For the fun of it:

Let’s get practical making a real magnetic bearing.

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