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On the omni impotence of the alleged gods

Posted by pwl on April 13, 2013

speed of light

One of many proofs against the existence of alleged gods goes as follows.

The Speed of Light Limit prevents all matter, energy and most importantly information from going faster than the speed of light, c. Since the universe is a very large place it takes a very long time for matter, energy or information to travel from one place to another should they not be near each other. For example the nearest star system to Earth’s Sol system that has a known planet is about 20 light years which means that it takes light and thus information 20 years to travel there.

The alleged gods are super alien beings because of their alleged super powers, specifically their alleged omni* powers, omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence, omnibenevolence aka omnievil.

Unfortunately for these alleged gods their omni* powers are not possible in the actual objective reality of Nature due to the limiting factor of the Speed of Light.

Omniscience isn’t possible since one can’t be omniscient when it takes 20 years for what is happening a few star systems over to arrive. The problem gets worse when you try to see what is happening 10 billion light years across the known universe…

Omnipotence isn’t possible for a number of reasons but one is that you can’t project your power across spacetime without it taking a long time. So 20 years for the information to arrive here on Earth where you’re alleged godly being is watching over his son Jesus, and another 20 years for your alleged godly super power energy to arrive back at the other planet in that nearby star system… that’s a minimum of 40 years… likely the organisms that the alleged godly being wanted to wipe out are already dead from old age.

Omnipresence. Ok, this one is just bizarre since any being that is everywhere would be so scatter brained as to be numbed by all that information processing… besides where is the brain that could process all that information? Not to mention the fact that the information would be arriving late and disconnected. How would any such being communicate with itself and organize any coordinated actions across the huge gulf of spacetime in the real universe?

The best part is that omnibenevolent super alien beings are not possible as a result of the above omni-impotent powers. This is good news since any alleged omnibenevolent being is essentially omnievil, just as the bible shows with an alleged god that floods an entire planet as if that is a good thing. What isn’t noticed by the believers is that their alleged god committed mass murderous planetary genocide killing off every life except for one tiny boat load full and that this is some how moral and ethical thing to do? Just the opposite, it’s omnievil.

So, given the hard and harsh physics that Einstein brought to our attention the alleged gods are forever consigned to a meager existence within the brains of faith stricken believers irrational desire for their fantasy to be true. It’s a very good thing that their alleged god(s) die with them. Hopefully they won’t take the rest of us with them.

What can be proven about the alleged gods via the hard and harsh physics is that they are omni-impotent and merely concepts in the brains of believers. Unfortunately those concepts when acted upon can have potent and deadly consequences. So the threat is real even if the alleged gods are not.

So while in objective reality the alleged gods are impotent in an all to real sense they are potent through the sole actions of their believers. Not a good situation at all but way better than a universe with actual gods existing by far since the laws of Nature would then be capricious by the will of the alleged gods.

The strength of this negative proof that shows that the alleged gods of humans can’t possibly exist is based upon the strength of the latest in physics science. To prove this proof wrong you’d have to prove most if not all of modern physics wrong. Good luck.

A side benefit of this proof is that no living organism or artificial system can have these omni* powers either. In other words aliens will be more like us with limits than like the alleged gods. That is very good news. Of course we might still be a snack so we have to keep an eye out for that scenario. Oh, the physics also shows us that the cost to travel between star systems in enormous and would severely limit the places that aliens could or would travel to. Unfortunately this also limits us.

In summary the objective reality of Nature prevents matter, energy or information from traveling faster than the speed of light thus no alleged gods can actually exist since they are omni-impotent due to omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence, and omnibenevolence aka omnievil being impossible in reality where we actually exist. The alleged gods are only gods if they have their alleged omni-powers, without those powers they are at best omni-impotent like the rest of us which is really good news since that means that the destructive power of the alleged gods is strictly limited to the destructive power of the people who believe in them.


Copyright 2011 by Peter William Lount

6 Responses to “On the omni impotence of the alleged gods”

  1. Joe Prins said

    But, But, Butt, sorry about the last but. Had a good laugh at the omni, all knowing deity that has inspired so many wars and atrocities in the name of……….(fill in the blank)
    Invented by the overlords to keep the long suffering slaves in line.

  2. Thor Thunderhammer said

    With God all things are possible. I know this is an unbearably difficult concept for non-believers such as Steven Dogfather Canady to understand. Too bad….

  3. Sandi G. said

    Really cute effort to try to undermine the Christian belief system. Still the opinion of a mere, mortal man has the same effect of the opinion of a common slug. Sorry QED, your simple opinion “proves” nothing….

  4. desmond said

    The writer is assuming a lot

  5. Newton said

    This falsely assumes that everything must travel at the speed of light. The author even starts off this thesis by defining something that is, to my knowledge, not even real: “The Speed of Light Limit.” All capital.

    There is doubt whether everything adheres to it within the physical realm, yet here the author is beginning his belief with a basic hypothesis at best.

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