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Communism Isn’t Radical Enough says Jacque Fresco, Venus Project Founder and Zeitgeist Movement Inspiration

Posted by pwl on November 2, 2013

It is important to understand the bad ideas floating about out there. After interacting online with a number of “followers” of The Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project they insisted that I “do more research” so I did; I watched more videos, searched using the google machine, and interacted with more Zeitgeistians; I found their glorious leader, Jacque Fresco, worshiping communism in a video of his in Cuba.

I’ve asked a number of prominent Zeitgeistians about it and they had absolutely nothing to say. I’ve tossed this article and information graphic memes together to let people know that the founder of these groups believes communism was good and not radical enough.

Communism isn't radication enough - Jacque Fresco

“Communism isn’t radical enough for the world today, it was good for the world a hundred years ago!”
– Jacque Fresco, founder of The Venus Project and inspiration for The Zeitgeist Movement.

The Zeitgeist Radical Commune-ist Movement is evil

The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement are commune-ists, as in hippie commune’s but also as in “communist” ideas, cult like organizations and the cult members are liking communists as a means of achieving their Venus Project and Zeitgeist goals, although “communism isn’t radical enough”, wow talk about scary dark visions for humanity these people from the Venus Project and Zeitgeist Movement have.

Resources Based Economy (RBE) Global Resource Control (GRC) Total System Of Control (TSOC)

How the Resources Based Economy (RBE) Global Resource Control (GRC) Total System Of Control (TSOC) Works

If “communism isn’t radical enough” what is this more radical than communism that they want to impose on the world?

Over a hundred million people mass murdered by communists and that was “good” but yet it wasn’t “radical enough” for you? How bat sit crazy are you people? Seriously.

How many will they mass murder to implement the nightmarish conformist visions of Jacque Fresco? How many must die before they have their Resources Based Economy (RBE) with it’s necessary Global Resource Control (GRC) Total System Of Control (TSOC) up and running? Their RBE-GRC-TSOC is supposed to be a fair computer system; it will inevitably be controlled by people like Peter Joseph to implement their control of the planet and all it’s resources including you, it will decide when, what and how much food resources you can have.

The Venus Project and the Zeitgeist “Radical Commune-ist” Movement concept of the Total System of Control Resource Based Economy (RBE-GRC-TSOC) is the worse totalitarian system of control imaginable as it will enslave humans to a ruling technological elite, a select group of humans, and to the commands of the machines. Generations of humans will then take orders from machines but in reality it’ll be the likes of Peter Joseph or Jacque Fresco (a self proclaimed “social engineer”) giving the commands, and they believe “communism isn’t radical enough” so what happens when you dissent? Your food rations get cut off? You disappear?


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10 Responses to “Communism Isn’t Radical Enough says Jacque Fresco, Venus Project Founder and Zeitgeist Movement Inspiration”

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  2. Boris said

    My friend you have to educate your self about philosophy of Communism and actual Communism that have existed in the real world. There is a huge difference. And I can tell you because I am form post communistic country I hope you read more about the differences that I showed you abut. It is quite different. You have to consider that the communistic philosophy is not violent but the people that tired to implement this philosophy were violent and kill people … thats a big difference.

  3. whendricso said

    I agree. Communism wasn’t radical enough. And, if you knew anything at all about The Venus Project, you would know that it’s far less conformist than our society today. In fact, our current society forces us to conform to the demands of an employer and tax collector.

    The Venus Project advocates education, and allowing people to do their own thing. It does not ask for resources but instead provides what it has available.

    It’s very obvious that you have just watched perhaps a small portion of one video at most, if you had accurate and complete information, you might feel foolish for writing this hateful article.

  4. Trent said

    Capitalism killed over 2 billion in India alone.

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  6. Adam said

    Communism wasn’t radical enough. Moreover the theoretical communism and the practical (Stalin’s ruling) are 2 different things. So the theoretical “good” communism wasn’t radical enough, the applied by Stalin and distorted version of Communism was extremely radical. It was not a true communism, it was just a mere distorted picture of Communism… Returning back to the beginning – Fresco is right – Communism wasn’t radical enough.

  7. pwl said

    Any system of control, regardless of the name or political style, that uses the threat of force or actual force is initiating aggression and is thus criminal in nature. Any system. The initiation of aggression is a violation of the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) and is a crime. The severity of the crime depends upon the severity of the aggression initiated against a person or persons or property.

    Communism in all its forms is such a system that uses the initiation of aggression to force the will of the ruling elite upon the people thus communism is a criminal organization run by thugs. The same is true of all systems that have governments that initiate aggression against people.

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  9. Nökken said

    How would computers designed to distribute resources equally throughout the world favor the elite? Computers must do what their told to do. No one man can control anything in a resourse-based economy. That’s the point of it. Fresco isn’t saying that communist ideas are great. He means simply that communism has been the best form of gov’t as it provided for everyone in the society on an equal basis. Just because one man or a group of men took advantage of it’s physical forms (ie. Russia, China, etc.) doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good idea at the time. It was based on the Marxist ideas of a classless system. Fresco is promoting an emergent society that uses ideas of the past and makes them better, more adapted to the needs of the world. Money is what destroyed and continues to destroy all attempts to for a truly equal society. It has ultimately corrupted any idea that could improve the quality of life for humans and the environment. Jacque Fresco is not our leader. He proposes a system that has no leaders, except leaders in the field of new ideas that improve all our lives. You must realize that your promoting elitism yourself with rhetoric against people who’s goals are to change from a broken system to one that serves all of humanity. If you have a better idea/s I’d love to hear it. Of course you have to recognize that there is a problem in the first place. Do you not see that our current social systems are designed to perpetuate the flow of resources to the elite? I think when you do your research you should do it with an open mind instead a predetermined mindset that all forms of social change will still favor one person or another. You have stated no facts or evidence supporting your rhetoric. You have stated no original ideas that improve any of our lives. Real movers and shakers have their own ideas. So until you can show evidence that what your saying is fact your only spewing disinformation to confuse people that are as uneducated as yourself.

  10. Daniel said

    If you actually listen to Jacque throughout all his videos all his written material then you would better understand the comment
    Put it this way
    You label his ideas as “communism”
    Then if you could describe what “is”, “communism”
    There is no such thing as “all”
    Parts of communism are good other parts are not
    But exactly what “is”, “communism” – no person in this world could provide a universally agreed definition – there are many different interpretations
    Nor could anyone provide specific references as to where exactly “communism lead to the atrocities committed by individuals or groups
    Currently we need permits to grow gardens, water usage, build, subdivide land, light fires and you believe his Vision of a different system is corrupt

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