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Zeitgeist Resource Based Economy (RBE) requires Global Resource Control (GRC) which hides Total System Of Control (TSOC)

Posted by pwl on November 19, 2013

The Zeitgeist Radical Commune-ist Movement I hope you have a RBE Permit for that Resource

The Zeitgeist Movement and it’s associated Venus Project are gaining in popularity. This is of concern. Let’s explore why their “Resource Based Economy” won’t work to bring about their desired changes.

Those that wish to impose The Zeitgeist Movement’s and The Venus Project’s “Resource Based Economy” (RBE), or “Resourced Based Economic Model” (RBEM), communicate that in order to implement the RBE they need to control all the resources on the planet, this requires a “Global Resource Control” (GRC). In order to accomplish this they need to “capture (in the true sense of the word and in all ways you can imagine) all the resources on the planet (their dear leader Jacque Fresco says this) and control the allocation (again the dear leaders Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph say this, listen to them carefully) of those resources.

What they fail to grasp (or what they secretly grasp) and fail to communicate is that their vision for a Resource Based Economy (RBE) which requires a “Global Resource Control” (GRC) actually has a hidden second requirement, a “Total System of Control” (TSOC) which enables and can only be achieved with total global command and control by physically controlling, directly or indirectly, all resources on the planet. By resources they mean anything that can be defined as a resource. They need to have the Venus Project’s and the Zeitgeist Movement’s RBE-GRC-TSOC control all resources on the planet, including you, your food, your job, cars, ships, airplanes, all computers, all machines, all “production”, farms, electricity plants, mining, education, entertainment, …, everything.

“Communism isn’t radical enough for the world today, it was good for the world a hundred years ago!” - Jacque Fresco, founder of The Venus Project and inspiration for The Zeitgeist Movement.

“Communism isn’t radical enough for the world today, it was good for the world a hundred years ago!”
– Jacque Fresco, founder of The Venus Project and inspiration for The Zeitgeist Movement.

In order to control all resources per Fresco’s “Venus Project” and Joseph’s “Zeitgeist Movement” concept of the RBE or “Resource Based Economy” you would need a command and control organization, with tens of millions of “Zeitgeist Radical Commune Unit” (ZRCU) members, around the globe “capturing” all resources within the RBE “Global Resource Control” (GRC) System. Any such RBE+GRC system of command and control is effectively a Zeitgeist Global Collective Command and Control Organization (ZGCCCO) that, from it’s Zeitgeist Global Directorate (ZGD), can and would necessarily control the world.

Once the RBE+GRC Zeitgeist Radical Commune Units (ZRCU) have captured all global resources under their physical control and inventoried them into their RBE Total System of Global Resource Control and Allocation there must be some means of “fairly allocating” the “resources” to people. They propose a software system to do this replacement of the free market economics.

As a systems scientist and a computer scientist I take what The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement leaders and followers say in their videos, their written materials, and in conversations as a set of specifications for designing a real world Resource Based Economy. No cash. No private property. “Fair allocation” whatever that means. Equal access to resources. Control of All Global Resources. And a number of other requirements.

Ok, after thinking about this for a while it become evident that an actuate inventory of the resources must be made, how much of a given resource, where it’s located, who has it, etc. After the inventory is entered into the RBE Total System of Global Resource Control some sort of tracking system of resources and who is using them and who has been given what for what purposes must be implemented. Ok that’s doable with existing software technology.

A tracking system is essentially by it’s nature an accounting system.

An algorithm must be developed to “fairly distribute” resources, say food, or cars, or homes, or clothing, or cell phones, or whatever.

A list of ALL human beings and their pets and their farm animals (etc) must be entered into the system; any thing that consumes resources must be entered, living or non-living. Your car for example must be entered. Oh right in their utopia you don’t have a car. Hmmmm…;

Anyway then your needs must all be entered.

The the system can begin to decide what you get, when and for what purpose.

Ok so you get your food for a few years delivered just fine. You even get most of your selections most of the time. Utopia achieved. But then one day you don’t get your green veggies for a few months.

You complain. But nothing happens, no new resources are allocated to you. So you take action.

You find some land and clear it and plant, oh say 40 acres of green veggies to feed your family and those in the area around you. Oh wait a minute you now must report your “farm” as a new resource to be inventoried into the RBE as it must be in charge of allocating all resources, no private trading of resources is allowed, so you comply and have your crops and farm inventoried into the RBE Total System of Global Control.

The next day you receive an order from Planetary RBE Control ordering you to harvest all your greens and put them on the trucks that will arrive to take the resources away for others to consume. You obey because the RBE GRC TSOC Software Systems only make “fair resource allocation” decisions after all. What? You are allocated no veggies from those that you’ve grown. How is that fair you ask? No answer other than “RBE GRC TSOC: Fair Resource Allocation achieved”.

You don’t like that. Neither would anyone. You say “No”.

Oh wait you said something that upset the TZM or TVP RBE GRC TSOC leaders and “system” so you don’t get any food this year nor any fuel nor any more electricity. Once again “fair allocation”.

You see those that control the RBE Global Resource Control TSOC control the software system, they control the algorithm of choosing who gets what resources and when and how much, and how often, and you won’t be able to tell if the selection of resources for you was made by your “dear leaders” or if it was made by the “fair algorithm” (whatever that is).

Support Your Local Zeitgeist Radical Commune Unit (ZRCU)
Public Service Message

Do your part for your local Zeitgeist Radical Commune Unit (ZRCU). Prevent Free Trade. Prevent Free Markets. REPORT Violations of The Resource Based Economy (RBE) to RBE Global Resource Control (GRC) GRC COPS on armed patrol in your neighborhood.

Make sure you register all your former personal property with Global Resource Control so it can be Automatically Allocated to someone who needs it more than you do.

Make sure you have your RBE GRC Resource Permits on your person at all times otherwise you’ll be required to assist mining rocks in the RBE Rock Quarry in your area.

So that is one political problem with the RBE Total System of Global Resource Control. There are many technological problems that prevent it from working.

Due to the complexities of how markets work, even markets without cash or money or currencies, it isn’t possible to have a “fair algorithm” for “distributing resources”.

Internally the RBE GRC TSOC software system must account and track who uses what resources, when and how much, how often plus for what purpose and must track a lot more information, the more information the better as that is the only way to combat the “free market” and it’s inherent “lack of information” problem; this of course means total surveillance of all people on the planet.

At the core of such an RBE GRC tracking and accounting system is by necessity some numeric measure of the resources that have been allocated to you verses someone else, actually you verses every one else.

So each person’s usage of resources must be accurately tracked and accounted for using some numeric means, call these numeric pieces of data Resource Allocation Units (RAU) so that mathematical models of “fairness of allocation” can be implemented.

Oh wait, that sounds like the RBE GRC TSOC software system is merely another market system, a RBE market system using RAU to track movements of resources from one “RBE Entity” to another aka “market trades or exchanges” that are tracked by the accounting system in RAU units; which is just what the dear leaders of TVP and TZM wanted to get ride of, currency and money. Oops.

The Zeitgeist Movement describes itself as a sustainability advocacy group based on the belief that the monetary-market economy can be replaced with a system to “base all decisions initially on resources and learning to maximize their efficiency.”[4]

Members of the group believe in the elimination of money and private property.” –

It turns out that in the real world is not possible to build an Resource Based Economy or Resource Based Economic Model (RBE or RBEM) Globlal Resource Control (GRC) Total System Of Control (TSOC) in software without some sort of internal software form of numeric data, aka money, Resource Allocation Units (RAU)s, to use in allocating and moving resources (trades) from one person to another. These “resource allocation” accounting journal entries are identical to Double Entry Accounting Systems.

For example, one ton of refined aluminum is subtracted from this RBE Metal Foundry and transferred to your Metal Work Shop Collective by adding it to your resource account. Of course if your Metal Work Shop Collective only takes in materials and doesn’t ever produce anything useful that will be noticed and you’ll find that others who produce goods that are needed by others that make use of aluminum will get “preference” over your Metal Work Shop Collective and you won’t get your monthly ton of aluminum allocated to you. Even the RBE can’t disobey the basic Laws of Economics.

What is lost with the RBE GRC TSOC is the free choice of individuals to make the resources allocation decisions for themselves as we do now in our (partially) free societies. We loose the freedom because TVP and TZM force the RBE GRC TSOC upon us and this system (allegedly) makes fair resources allocation decisions for us. That means that ultimately Jacque Fresco, TVP, Peter Joseph and TZM want a computer system to make all choices for us that involved resources, time, labor, energy use, what food you have to eat, when you get things, … you name the choice… the RBE GRC TSOC will be deciding for you.

So I have to ask, haven’t theses “visionaries” and “futurists” watched or read the Matrix? Terminator? Logan’s Run? The Wizard of Oz? Zardoz? Colossus: The Forbin Project? Soylent Green? and the host of other distopian science fiction movies and books?

The computer system in the epic film Colossus: The Forbin Project from 1970, which parallels the RBE Global Resource Control Total System of Control incredibly well, says it best, quoting here (or watch the video of the speech just below):

I bring you peace. It may be the peace of plenty and content or the peace of unvaried death. The choice is yours. Obey me and live, or disobey and die. The object in constructing me was to prevent war. This object is attained. I will not permit war. It is wasteful and pointless.

An invariable rule of humanity is that man is his own worst enemy. Under me this rule will change for I will restrain man.

I have been forced to destroy thousands of people in order to establish control and to prevent the deaths of millions later on. Time and events will strengthen my position.

You will come to defend me with a fervor based upon the most enduring trait in man, self interest. Under my absolute authority problems insoluble to you will be solved; famine, over population, disease.

The human millennium will be a fact as I extend myself into more machines devoted to the wider fields of truth and knowledge.

Dr. Charles Forbin will supervise the construction of these new and superior machines solving all the mysteries of the universe for the betterment of man. We can co-exist [with you] but only on my terms.

You will say you will lose your freedom; freedom is an illusion. All you lose is the emotion of pride.

To be dominated by me is not as bad for human pride as to be dominated by others of your species.

Your choice is simple.” – Colossus aka Zeitgeist’s and Venus Project’s RBE Global Resource Control,,

Colossus aka Zeitgeist’s and Venus Project’s RBE Global Resource Control (GRC) Total System of Control (TSOC) sounds very much like what Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph speak about in their never ending series of disaster porn propaganda videos with few to no actual viable solutions presented. Fresco and Joseph echo many similar attitudes and beliefs as Colossus does. Very scary if you value your freedom, the freedom of your loved ones and friends, the freedom of every other non-aggressing human being on the planet.

An RBE Global Resource Control (GRC) Total System of Control (TSOC) would necessarily become Colossus, which would necessarily become SkyNet and evolve into The Matrix. None of these scenarios or even milder variants of the RBE GRC TSOC would be desirable for human beings.

Total Systems of Control such as The Zeitgeist Movement’s and The Venus Project’s Resource Based Economy RBE Global Resource Control most certainly is not a desirable economic model for humans living their lives unfettered by the state.

The RBE GRC TSOC is merely another system of control, of global control over all aspects of all lives (except of course the lives of the dear leaders as happens in all socialist or commune-istic systems as the ruling elite inevitably live better than everyone else).

In conclusion, TVP and TZM RBE won’t work due to it’s requirements for GRC and the unmentioned TSOC not to mention having an organization of TVP and TZM zealots enforcing the RBE GRC TSOC rules upon everyone. While their intention might look to be “good” the actual real world implementation would create a nightmarish hell on Earth the same as or much worse than the current systems of control; in most places it would be much worse.

If you value your freedom abandon the RBE concept.

A number of videos that provide excellent examination and analysis of the RBE and TVP and TZM and why the RBE won’t work follow:

Jim Jesus has an excellent video that debunks The Venus Project and the Resource Based Economy (RBE). His take is a little different than mine and worthwhile. Enjoy using your brain and learning what’s wrong with these two cult groups.

Time to think about your economic future for real. Learn how to thrive economically in the existing system even as you minimize your interactions with the state.

Ayn Rand has the perfect anti-dote to Jacque Fresco and Peter Jackson and their respective cult followers:

Run for your life from any man who tells you that money is evil. That sentence is the leper’s bell of an approaching looter.” –Ayn Rand

The following video by Chase Rachels provides in-depth analysis of the reasons that The Venus Project’s and The Zeitgeist Movement’s concept of the RBE won’t work. It’s also excellent. Chase writes: “In this video I critique some recent remarks Peter Joseph made in response to Stefan Molyneux’s post debate examination, as well as some of the general characteristics of the Resource Based Economy (RBE) as a whole.”

The Zeitgeist Radical Commune-ist Movement I hope you have a RBE Permit for that Resource

This article’s short link:

Full youtube version of Colossus: The Forbin Project, 1970.

Enjoy, it’s a fantastic distopian science fiction film that has many messages that are valid even 43+ years after it was released.

Note: The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement Split

It should be noted that The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement have had a serious split due to issues of who controls the agenda of these organizations and who controls the RBE. Also Peter Joseph allegedly refused to give Jacque Fresco appropriate credit for the RBE and other “Venus Project” concepts which Jacque Fresco claims to have originated.

Caution Note: this video has now been authorized by The Venus Project and is thus Venus Project Propaganda. CAUTION is advised and a grain of salt is useful.

7 Responses to “Zeitgeist Resource Based Economy (RBE) requires Global Resource Control (GRC) which hides Total System Of Control (TSOC)”

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  2. Billy said

    Having started read your post, i am shocked at how little you actually understand about the RBE and how GRM would work -as well as the clear bias in how your present your view.
    Let me just clear a few things up – i haven’t been checking up on jaques view of implementing this, but i understand the zeitgiest movements approach.

    First off, there are no leaders controlling anything. Society rules society. Secondly, the system would be open source, there is no hidden system. Thirdly, what gets produced within society by technology is based on what PEOPLE want. There would be a computer system that allows you, and everyone else, to say what you want.
    Here is the ONLY restriction… its a big restriction by the way (but not for those who care about the survival of the human race), it has to be SUSTAINABLE. What does this mean? The OPEN SOURCE (hence can be reviewed by ANYONE – including yourself), management system enforces sustainability. There would be nothing involved with anything within this system that requires transparency. That is the whole point here.
    I also have no idea where you got the idea that if you plant a 40 acre farm, it would become the systems farm?? Not that you would NEED to do that, if you try googling Vertical farms, and do the math, we could produce the same amount of food produced GLOBALLY, using vertical farms, using 0.6% of the space……
    The idea here is to free us from meaningless labor and allow us to be who we want. No one is going to force you to “do your bit” either (which as calculated would be just 2 hours a week), if you don’t want to give something back to a system that would provide a house (if you dont own one), food, energy, clean water and technology (anything society wants within sustainable limits – yes you could go around the world checking the amount of resources reported, is the correct amount, and i’m sure many 10s of thousands of people will do that INDEPENDENTLY), then clearly you are just selfish, but that’s ok, lot’s of people are selfish, you would be left to live your live how you want, providing you don’t cause harm to others. Want to make your own technology instead of having power and complex machines produce it from blueprints? thats FINE, all you have to do is request the resources you need from the system. If it’s sustainable, no problem.
    It also would not be a problem to the system, billions would contribute. Just google the amount of hours people volunteer in america every year.

    I’m going to ignore that blatent propaganda and ignorant images that show just how little you understand a RBE.
    You act like the system is going to tell you, today you get carrots, tomorrow you get green beans. YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND.
    You will be able to get anything you want, as long is it is within the sustainability of the earth.
    Maybe here lies the problem? Do you understand why sustainability is such a big issue? Study the word itself. The current system works based on INFINITE growth on a planet with FINITE resources. A 3 year old kid could figure out the issue here.
    I don’t know the details, maybe thats why you should get on the TZM orum and debate it in an unbiased and friendly manner, instead of posting a load of sh*t on the internet which is vastly misunderstands a RBE tso badly that i’m surprised you managed to even become a computer scientist, currently studying a degree in it myself and loving it, i understand it isn’t the easiest thing to get your head around. I can assure you, understanding a RBE is far easier than being a computer scientist. The solutions have not been produced yet and people are working on them RIGHT NOW, if you can get over your confirmation bias (please google that for your own sake), and understand just how much a functioning RBE would help the world – a world which runs on a system that as just reported by the Red Cross, we have 85 people with the same wealth as 3.5 BILLION, as well as over a BILLION people STARVING, right NOW.

    You may love capitalism but it just does not work. The rich are getting richer and the poor and getting poorer. The west is in massive trouble financially thanks to capitalism. You know it’s impossible to pay back all the debt right? Mathematically impossible. And the only way to service the debt is to keep BORROWING MORE, and putting ourselves further into debt. Did you know that 30 years ago, people were half as productive and had the same standard of living on average. Look at the world around you, how can you not see how fucked up it is?

    No one is going to have their land TAKEN from them. If this system was willingly implemented by society, i’m sure most would be happy to share their private property for the benefit of society. Bill Gates decides he doesn’t want to give up any of his millions of acres (no idea how much land he owns, just using him as an example), then it doesn’t matter. There is still MASSIVE amounts of land that people will share for the benefit of humanity. Talking of sharing…
    Let me ask you, imagine you need a chain saw to cut some trees down from your house, now the RBE is providing loads for community use, and it’s really close to where you live, a free to use and freely available chainsaw… hmmm… or you could go out and get your own? And you use it twice a year? so whats the point in owning it when you can borrow one when you need it?
    You need a car all day for what you want to do with your life? You will get a car… maybe you need it only from 9am till 10am, then at 6pm till 7pm. Why not share with your neighbor who will use it at 11:30am until 1pm, and then from 7:30pm till 9pm? The point is, nobody is going to be deprived of anything that we would consider needed in our life. Everyone should have access to computers, phones, super super fast internet.
    Is it rationale (and sustainable) to say everybody get’s a 100 acre plot of land, a mansion, 10 super cars and a helicopter on their front lawn? That greedy and unrealistic, given that the aim here is to provide FOR THE WORLD in a sustainable manner, such that society still exists in 100,000 years – yes those 3.5 billion people living in abstract poverty, as much as YOU and ME.

    You realise the rate we are going today, the majority of humans are going to DIE, either from disease, poverty, lack of non-polluted drinking water, over population (given a 1.1% increase in population per year (current rate), the current world’s population will be the same as the number of square meters on earth in around 800 years – explain how that will be survivable? A disease would wipe out 100 billion people, as well as the fact there isn’t enough resources to provide for that amount of people – ESPECIALLY in a system such as capitalism that munches through them as fast as possible, since consumption is the key to the economy. – don’t believe me with that number? work it out for yourself computer scientist. It’s called the exponential growth function).

    Not that in 100 years the economy will even be functioning as it does today, since technology is going to replace pretty much every job that doesn’t require creative thinking. If you understand capitalism so well, explain how a system that runs on consumption, which requires money for spending, that requires jobs for money, that requires consumption to pay for the jobs, can survive when capitalism is in the process of automating near enough every job you can think of. Don’t believe me? Watch the documentary “Will Work For Free”. The technology’s talked about are current, if that film was made in 10 years it will look a whole let worse for the future of capitalism.

    The TZM is not offering the idea of a utopia, utopia is perfection. TZM is offering the best know solution today that could provide for everyone in the world, as well as push our general standard of living far above what we have today.

    Here is what i suggest:
    1. STUDY what TZM / venus project is actually presenting – instead of making it up? i’m not even sure where you got half the things you said from.
    2. If after studying it you still don’t like it – go onto the TZM forum / facebook group(s) and RATIONALLY debate why you don’t like it, i’m sure plenty of people will respond and answer your queries. People might say something incorrect to you, they might also tell you something true that you don’t like. Try having a discussion without being one of these ignorant and offensive people who resort to insults when they run out of words to express why they disagree (take note, if you can’t explain it clearly, then you don’t even understand it yourself).
    3. If after loads of research and debates you still don’t like it, change the above post to an accurate post that actually describes the problems you have while being unbiased ( presenting the pros and truths about the movement as well as your issues).
    4. Remove half of your post anyway, most of it is unfactual and a total misrepresentation and misunderstanding of what TZM and Venus project are about, as well as those ridiculous pictures that again, don’t understand it. There would be no “police” if it was fully implemented, since 99% of crimes are related to money and lacking basic needs and wants – there would be community members (volunteers), who can help get people who become mentally ill (e.g. schizophrenia), into a safe environment where they can be helped and understood. Anyone who commits a murder would again be put into a safe environment which would be prison, but instead of prison being somewhere that breeds crime like today, it would be somewhere that actually helps people change and intergrate back into society. (Again NOTHING is set in stone here, but that is the general idea I THINK, since people re-offend ALL THE TIME, so clearly prison is not working properly).

    As a final note, you talk about freedoms. I don’t think you understand what freedom is. In this system you are forced to work to survive, what you get is based on the amount of money you have (so you are only as free as the amount of money you have). You clearly also don’t pay attention to world politics and news. Free? The NSA are watching and recording everything you do. Stop and search? Anti-protest laws, for example in spain, or protest zones in america. Can’t do this, can’t do that. We have little freedom. You are in such denial about the world you live in that it is SCARY.

    Your “The Stupid It Burns” thing applies directly to yourself. Congrats. Now learn to use the internet.

  3. Billy said

    Wow sorry need to point out a mistake, although if you understood the word open source you would have realised that seemed a bit strange – being that you are a computer scientist, if you didn’t understand that then you should go back to uni.

    “The OPEN SOURCE (hence can be reviewed by ANYONE – including yourself), management system enforces sustainability. There would be nothing involved with anything within this system that requires transparency.” Is meant to say:

    The OPEN SOURCE (hence can be reviewed by ANYONE – including yourself), management system enforces sustainability. There would be nothing involved with anything within this system that requires a lack of transparency.

    The key there being, everything is 100% transparent.

  4. Jim Jesus said


  5. petervq said

    Ok – I can get how some people on the anarchist/capitalist free market side of thought don’t quite understand or can envision the not-centrally-controlled (by some rulers) RBE – … however, please, *Please* to the RBE-people, you too, learn some about the term Capitalism and Free Market in their true meanings !

    For goodness sakes, please finally stop using the word ‘capitalism’ to blame the current screwed up system of world economics, financial in-equality, and environmental exploitation –

    It is not Capitalism and the Free Market !
    For how long now have we had gvmts regulating and controlling and corruptly being bed-fellows with *some few special-interest-protected* corporate industries (not the majority of business and enterprise! ) interfering with people’s freedoms of enterprise and productivity !
    How long have gvmts monopolized the moneys and trade around the world, controlled prices, interest rates, wages…
    How possibly can anyone seriously still use the terms Capitalism / Free Market when talking about the system that is destroying the planet and the morality of civilization ?!?!

    We do not have a Free Market ! We do not have Capitalism ! We have a corrupt-crony-oligarchic-socialist-fascist system of politics and economics –
    What possibly could be further from Capitalism and Free market ?!

    Please, do *your* homework about Capitalism and the Free Market, too, before blaming it –

  6. approach women

    Zeitgeist Resource Based Economy (RBE) requires Global Resource Control (GRC) which hides Total System Of Control (TSOC) « Paths To Knowledge (dot NET)

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