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The End of Science is Nye

Posted by pwl on February 22, 2015

Isn’t it very strange that Bill Nye is supposed to be such a science educator yet he makes vast generalized statements that violate the spirit and substance of the scientific method with his almost every appearance on the news or in print.

Bill Nye, Anti-Science Doomsday Soothsayer v001

Bill Nye, Anti-Science Doomsday Soothsayer; Prognosticator of Climate Raptures; Purveyor
of Personal Political Attacks Against Skeptical Scientists; Violently Opposed to the Scientific Method and the Right of Every Scientist to be Skeptical of any and all Science Claims.

To claim as Bill Nye does that “skeptics of a science claim” are not scientists is absurd as the very heart of science is skepticism of all claims made by anyone including and specifically those claims of other scientists.
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