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The End of Science is Nye

Posted by pwl on February 22, 2015

Isn’t it very strange that Bill Nye is supposed to be such a science educator yet he makes vast generalized statements that violate the spirit and substance of the scientific method with his almost every appearance on the news or in print.

Bill Nye, Anti-Science Doomsday Soothsayer v001

Bill Nye, Anti-Science Doomsday Soothsayer; Prognosticator of Climate Raptures; Purveyor
of Personal Political Attacks Against Skeptical Scientists; Violently Opposed to the Scientific Method and the Right of Every Scientist to be Skeptical of any and all Science Claims.

To claim as Bill Nye does that “skeptics of a science claim” are not scientists is absurd as the very heart of science is skepticism of all claims made by anyone including and specifically those claims of other scientists.

To be a scientist is to follow the scientific method. Science literacy isn’t believing the claims of science.

Believing facts of science is not science literacy, it is the rote dumbification of science, the faithification of science, the destruction of science replacing it with religious faith types of beliefs, belief has no place in science. If you believe the claims of scientists you’re doing science wrong, 100% wrong.

Science literacy is being able to do science according to the scientific method, something that Bill Nye evidently has forgotten.

It’s worse than this though. Bill Nye continuously disrespects people with his arrogant notion that science is only valid when done by the elite scientists. If you don’t happen to be an elite scientist then fuck you implies Bill Nye.

Bill Nye’s bad science attitude does not bode well for the future of science.

On the topic of “global warming” all that Bill is doing is claiming that people are “deniers”. Bill is using a basic ad homimem personal attack against people rather than actually presenting what he considers the alleged evidence of his claims are. This means that Bill Nye is failing at science. Even worse, he’s failing at science education.

Bill Nye is the end of objective science and a reflection of political-infected anti-science due to the manner in which he promotes junk science as if it is a fact when it’s not.

Bill Nye, as are others, are attempting to shame people into believing in their claims of co2 climate doomsday and other claims.

If people don’t “accept the claims of science” then it is science that has failed to educate people. You can’t blame the people Bill, only yourself for your bad science attitude and your horrific politics of doomsday claims without empirical objective evidence.

Bill Nye is a disgrace to science and is setting back science education by decades.

As a scientist it is embarrassing that people like Bill Nye stand up and make such fools of themselves and disrespect science with their ad homimem personal attacks that they spew from their mouths constantly.

Bill Nye’s creationist debate was a pathetic self absorbed ineffective attack against Creationism. Nye lost long before the actual debate as Bill Nye is a light weight not willing to go on the offensive into the cobwebs of the creationist aniled mindset. Creationism is a virulent faith stricken mind virus and Bill Nye had zero chance.

Bill Nye, Anti-Science Doomsday Soothsayer v001

Bill Nye, Anti-Science Doomsday Soothsayer; Prognosticator of Climate Raptures; Purveyor
of Personal Political Attacks Against Skeptical Scientists; Violently Opposed to the Scientific Method and the Right of Every Scientist to be Skeptical of any and all Science Claims.

What others are saying:

“Bill Nye is an entertainer. Just because he used to play a character called “The Science Guy”, that doesn’t give him credibility on all matters pertaining to science. (yes I know he has an engineering degree-but that’s a long time ago. He hasn’t been paid as an engineer in decades) His opinion carries the same weight I would give to any entertainer’s.” – joebagodonuts (561066)

“Well, this is the world’s most technically advanced society, and we have people denying climate change. These guys are still in deep denial, and future generations, what few of them will be alive, are just going to go, “What were you freaking people doing? What was wrong with you?” – Bill Nye.

“No. This is why Nye, and people like him, are not “the foremost science educators” anywhere. This is not science. Science is not about being correct, science is not about deferring to authorities; science is a process for understanding our world, for explaining and predicting. It’s a philosophy, not a set of facts. People in the future will be saying “What were you freaking people doing? What was wrong with you?”, but they won’t be saying it to climate change “deniers” or “sceptics” – they will be saying it to the “science educators” who thought levelling charges of heresy was a better course than providing a reasoned, evidence based argument.

You see if you truly believe in the scientific method, and the wider philosophy of rationality, you provide a reasoned, evidence based defence of your position and attack on your opponents position. You don’t tell them that they’re not qualified to speak because they don’t have a PhD from Harvard, or because they disagree with the “consensus”. Science does not rely on qualification or authority or consensus and the myth that it does is the biggest threat to scientific literacy today.

And show some f***ing consistency, please. If you’re going to shout down “conservatives” for being unqualified to talk about climate change please shout down “liberals” and “greens” that talk about, and accept, climate change as being unqualified to talk about it too.” – GoddersUK (1262110)

3 Responses to “The End of Science is Nye”

  1. I post Skeptic articles (and peer-reviewed research to back them) – both of my own creation and by others- at a site called Deviantart. One of the more closed minds that attack me on that site, keeps posting material from billie nye.

    I figure to put together information from several articles regarding how worthless he is. One of those, involves laying out all the FAILs in his ‘CO2 experiment.’

    I’d like if I may to include a portion of your article here- in fact, I’d like to use the second poster as the image heading the piece. I will of course link back to your page!

  2. btw are you anyone who’s name / handle I may have seen, at WUWT or anywhere else?

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