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Do Not Bring Belief Into Science

Posted by pwl on June 9, 2019

Do not believe in anything anyone claims, do not disbelieve in anything anyone claims. You are not required to believe or disbelieve. You have no obligation to believe or disbelieve their claims. Hold others claims as contingent claims, contingent upon yourself replicating or refuting the hypothesis or evidence.


Most people are not trained to think this way, most people, such as yourself, are trained to believe in claims so as to join the cult of believers in a claim. You are of course free to be a cult member but that invalidates you from being a scientist or a science minded invididual.

Be free of beliefs as much as you can be. If someone is forcing you to believe or pressuring you to believe or disbelieve I would suspect them of another agenda,

What is their purpose? What is their goal? What are they after? Why are they wanting me in there cult believe? Why are they wanting me in their culture of disbelief?

This includes the claims of science, you are under no obligation to believe or disbelieve any of the claims of scientists. Learning science isn’t about excepting believe it’s science not religion. In religion you believe something is true regardless of any evidence, that is faith stricken believe. In science we do not believe, belief is not allowed.

If you believe science you’re not doing science you’re doing religion, stop doing religion when you’re thinking you are doing do science… in science you do not trust in authorities you question all of their claims you asked them for evidence and then you question that evidence, you do not blindly except anything they say.

In science evidence that can be proven and not falsified rules not consensus not positive evidence only, the hypothesis must be fully tested and all and all counter claims that falsify the hypothesis must be examined fully and retested just as all positive claims have to be retested independently.

Not all sciences at the same level of hardness of difficulty of test passing of certainty, many claims of science turn out to be false or in accurate.

If a claim of science is using the word will, might, could, any conditional language, that means that that is conjectural prognostication and is not proven. You have to look at whether or not the predictive power of any given hypothesis is working out according to the predictions, sometimes that takes decades or even longer.

Science claims have to be validated by replication studies, just because there is a paper that makes a claim does not mean that that is the correct claim. It just means that that paper is going out for validation or refutation by other scientists. Peer review does not mean a paper is correct, it doesn’t mean it’s incorrect, it doesn’t mean it’s accurate or in accurate or how accurate. That is what additional studies are for.

Most scientific papers these days are not replicated due to the fact that there are more scientists alive practising science now than there ever have been and there are not enough scientists or money to replicate all the papers; this is leading to a crisis in science where many scientific papers will eventually be falsified.

Being neutral can be difficult because people want you to take sides. Stand your ground and be scientific. Being scientific means requiring replication studies that do not falsify papers and that confirm the findings. Being scientific means not excepting what authorities say. Not going for the political consensus of a scientific claim. Being scientific means being sceptical of the claims. Being scientific means not jumping on the bandwagon of doomsday prognostications that are conjectural hypotheses projected into the worst case possible scenarios. Typically those never happen.

You are under no obligation to believe any claims or disbelieve any claims; it is best to be neutral and not use belief at all, no faith, no belief means not not being conned by some political agenda or future falsified claims.

Do not believe in science. Do science. Be sceptical of every single scientific claim. Illuminate believe from any of your understanding of science. Dig deeper when you don’t understand an aspect of science, learn the hypothesis, learn the alleged evidence, Learn the alleged refutations, if you can replicate the experiment yourself.

Do the actual science, don’t believe in any claims from any scientist, do the actual experiments yourself, replicate the studies if you can. If you can’t, and much of it we can’t today due to the cost or due to the large scale nature of the equipment required, hold the claims as contingent upon further verification and further refutations.

This will mean keeping the bulk of science contingent in your mind. Illuminate believe it is the enemy, believe is the path to the Darkside of political interference in science, belief is the dark side of religion.

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