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AGW Magically Dumps Unusual Blizzard in England Bringing Everything to a Halt

Posted by pwl on December 18, 2009

I suppose this blizzard is a result of ManN Made Global Warming Climate Change magically somehow.

Some climate, ahem, “scientists” would like us to “believe” their soothsaying predictions of doom and gloom destruction which they read from, among other things, dead tree entrails. In fact they go to lengths to “hide the decline” in their dead tree ring entrails not correlating with temperature after the 1960’s (which of course means that dead tree rings are not viable for temperature proxies unless you have thermometers to monitor them).

What is the difference between “soothsaying” and “prediction”? In science predictions of the future is supposed to be based upon hard scientific evidence. Newton’s equations work, and Einstein’s more accurate equations work better, since they accurately predict the future time and time and time again.

Basing a temperature “reconstruction” upon a highly variable organic system such as dead (or living) tree ring entrails is a highly flawed proposition at best and clearly bad science as the tree ring data diverged and declined from the temperature records after 1960. The fact that that happened falsifies the use of tree ring data for past reconstructions and for future predictions.

If Newton’s or Einstein’s equations had such flaws they would be falsified in a New York minute!

A New York minute is an instant. Or as Johnny Carson once said, it’s the interval between a Manhattan traffic light turning green and the guy behind you honking his horn.

Here is the English Blizzard direct and raw from the intrepid folks with video cameras themselves. I love the comments some of them make. Best one is “Frigging South Pole!” or such.

“Roads full of snow, cars crash and traffic grinds to a halt. It has been snowing for many hours heavily (from Siberia) and many are left stranded, this was as much as i could get as i didn’t want my camera to get wet. Driving a few miles could take hours, no the most idealistic weather for winter. Worst effected regions are the East of England and the South where 10-15cm of snow has fallen in a matter of hours, the ploughers are not in use and roads fallen into mudbaths.”

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