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If you want honest members of the government take away their legal right to lie to you

Posted by pwl on November 29, 2010

The legal right of the government to lie to the people has always bothered me as it smacks of a lack of integrity by the very people allegedly empowered to have the highest levels of integrity and honesty by the people. The members of the government, in whatever capacity or role they are filling, have a special trust to uphold and when they use deception why are they allowed to get away with it and yet a different standard is applied to the people when they lie? If a defendant in a court case lies at any point while being investigated it’s treated with such great importance that it’s as if the world came to an end… but when the cult members of the cult of government lie it’s for the benefit of the people and lifted up as somehow an honorable trick that was played to get at the truth when in fact it’s no different for it was a lie, a deception, a non-truth, falsified information, a fabrication designed to give false impressions. It’s ironic that some of the best liars are likely working within the government and get rewarded for it.

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Nano nano

Posted by pwl on October 7, 2010

The strange new world of Nanoscience that will, that is, changing and improving our lives.

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Where do the laws of Nature come from? It from Bit?

Posted by pwl on September 3, 2010

Where do the laws of Nature come from?

Let’s explore this by way of two very interesting conversations, one from philosopher and physicist Paul Davies and the other from Stephen Wolfram.

Philosopher and physicist Paul Davies give a fascinating and thought-provoking talk on the possibility of an ultimate explanation for our universe. Dismissing the multiverse and God, he outlines an idea for finding an explanation for the universe and physical laws within the universe itself.

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A New Kind of Science by Stephen Wolfram

Posted by pwl on May 1, 2009

Wolfram Science.

A New Kind of Science.

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It’s Alive! Or is it? Knowledge Tools Augment Humans

Posted by pwl on May 1, 2009

Thanks CH for the link.

Wikipedia on Wolfram Alpha.

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