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Zeitgeist Resource Based Economy (RBE) requires Global Resource Control (GRC) which hides Total System Of Control (TSOC)

Posted by pwl on November 19, 2013

The Zeitgeist Radical Commune-ist Movement I hope you have a RBE Permit for that Resource

The Zeitgeist Movement and it’s associated Venus Project are gaining in popularity. This is of concern. Let’s explore why their “Resource Based Economy” won’t work to bring about their desired changes.

Those that wish to impose The Zeitgeist Movement’s and The Venus Project’s “Resource Based Economy” (RBE), or “Resourced Based Economic Model” (RBEM), communicate that in order to implement the RBE they need to control all the resources on the planet, this requires a “Global Resource Control” (GRC). In order to accomplish this they need to “capture (in the true sense of the word and in all ways you can imagine) all the resources on the planet (their dear leader Jacque Fresco says this) and control the allocation (again the dear leaders Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph say this, listen to them carefully) of those resources.
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