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There is a 100% chance that Al Gore will get it wrong again and again and again since he intentionally exaggerates, lies and distorts the science to promote his vested business interests in Blood & Gore (GIM)

Posted by pwl on December 17, 2009

“In the United States of America, unfortunately we [alarmists] still live in a bubble of unreality. And the Category 5 denial is an enormous obstacle to any discussion of solutions. Nobody is interested in solutions if they don’t think there’s a problem. Given that starting point, I believe it is appropriate [for the ends to justify the means and thus] to have an over-representation of factual presentations [aka exaggerate aka lie aka ignore counter evidence aka commit fraud] on how dangerous (global warming) is, as a predicate for opening up the audience to listen to what the solutions are, and how hopeful it is that we are going to solve this crisis.” — Al Gore in an interview.”

I wonder if there will come a time when Al Gore is so marginalized for this cult of doom views that he’s stop spouting this nonsense. Maybe criminal charges against him for yelling fire (aka global warming) in crowded movie theaters world wide would be effective.

Of course it’s obvious now that Al Gore’s business interests in Generational Investment Management aka Blood & Gore (yes his business partner’s name is David Blood, really) are what is driving Al Gore’s continual doom and gloom marketing spin trip.

Blood and Gore.

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Roland Emmerich is a GOD!!! 2012, the best most horrific action packed disaster film ever!!! This film puts Al Gore’s wettest dreams to shame!!!

Posted by pwl on August 1, 2009

Al Gore’s wettest dreams of global destruction don’t even come anywhere close to this awesome beyond awesome film, 2012! Sorry Al, just like your film An Inconvenient Truth, 2012 is just science fiction – none of it’s going to happen (unless we don’t stop the asteroid – see below!!!!). So sit back with your drink and pop corn and enjoy the ride!

Ok, the real trailer for the film (short version):

A pretty funny review of the movie with N special effects, where N is ___!

The second trailer, medium length. Awesome!

The full on third hard core extended version of the trailer that really shows mega destruction!!! YES!!! Al Gore eat your heart out! Oh, this one can only be viewed at youtube… since they turned off embedding….

Oh the FEAR! Soothsayers predicting DOOM and DESTRUCTION!!! Yikes!!!

Nope, no hard science behind the warnings! No soothsayers can’t predict the future! Sorry Al Gore, that includes climate soothsayers in the ninny crowd of those that can’t predict the future!

But does it have Nazi’s or Zombies??? Nope, for that you’ll need to see this film.

This is the real concern that we face:

Oh, the lunacy. You’ve got to love how insane we humans really are…

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Finally The Indisputable Cause of Global Warming is Revealed Conclusively with ACTUAL VIDEO EVIDENCE for once and for all! Can’t Deny This!!!

Posted by pwl on June 11, 2009

Finally the real cause of Global Warming is Revealed!!! It’s ALIENS! Yes, ALIENS are TerrorFroming Earth for their liking! It’s V all over again (oh they are remaking V too which is too cool…)!

She’s an ex-model. He’s an elite commando. They’re going to solve global warming – by stopping the aliens who are causing it!

The most important question: Is Al Gore a Lizard creature hell bent on terrorforming Earth? Yes, inquiring minds want to know!

Al Gore on a terrorforming rampage!

This, ahem, theory of “Global Warming as Caused By Aliens” (Alien Global Warming AGW) has about as much credence as the Anthropomorphic Global Warming (AGW)! Oh, wait, the above video is indisputable proof of the Alien caused Global Warming! So now the science is settled as in the Aliens have Settled on Earth terrorformed by Global Warming!!!

Has anyone noticed Gore’s red eyes?

All in good fun… the only reason I poke fun at the AGW crowd is that they think the science is settled… science is just about never settled in the sense that asking questions is at the core of science… asking questions and VERIFYING the answers with EXPERIMENTS to confirm or refute the hypothesis! For example, new particles are being discovered which upset the standard model… or at least require it to be rethought at regular intervals. Were are the experiments that “settle the science” of “anthropomorphic global warming”? Lacking basic methods of science isn’t having the science settled. Anyway it’s a fun little movie that provides more evidence for Alien caused Global Warming that I’ve ever seen for Anthropomorphic Global Warming and you’ve gotta love that!!!

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Nazi Zombies from Hell, what more could you ask for?

Posted by pwl on June 3, 2009

Chainsaws! We want chainsaws! Oh, it’s got chainsaws, yes! Sexy blonds? Yup! Humor? Yup. Gore? Not Al but yes, it’s got gore!

Should have gone to the beach for sure.

oh, that's a different movie...

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Sinking Ship to be new home for marine life

Posted by pwl on May 28, 2009

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Great Pacific Garbage Patch – yikes, eek, wtf?

Posted by pwl on May 28, 2009

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also described as the Eastern Garbage Patch or the Pacific Trash Vortex, is a gyre of marine litter in the central North Pacific Ocean located roughly between 135° to 155°W and 35° to 42°N estimated to be twice the size of Texas. The patch is characterized by exceptionally high concentrations of suspended plastic and other debris that have been trapped by the currents of the North Pacific Gyre. Despite its size and density, however, the patch is not visible from satellite photography.

Vessel KAISEI is a brigantine, a two-masted vessel square rigged on the foremast, with fore-and-aft sails on the mainmast Over the years she has visited 15 nations with crews from 26 countries and covered 40,000 nautical miles (around 80,000 km) Purchased and operated in 1991 by the Sail Training Association of Japan and renamed KAISEI, which means “Ocean Planet”.

In 1992 sailed with the Columbus fleet, flying the UN flag. KAISEI’s maiden voyage lasted 16 months throughout Europe, East Coast US, Caribbean, Panama Canal, West Coast US and Pacific Islands covering 57,000km. During this time period, the vessel flew the United Nations flag. Under Japanese flag she traveled throughout the Pacific and Asia. Carried over 10,000 trainees during the 14 year period.

OCEAN VOYAGES INSTITUTE Currently operated by Ocean Voyages Institute (Sausalito, Calif.) a non-profit 501(c)3 organization formed in 1979 by a group of international sailors, educators and conservationists whose mission is to teach maritime arts and sciences through the researching and preservation of the world’s oceans.

KAISEI has been operated to promote the preservation of the world’s oceans and maritime arts and sciences and has been involved in variety of educational and awareness projects over the past years which has seen her sailing in British Columbia, Canada, along the West Coast of the United States and Mexico.

Project Kaisei will utilize the vessel Kaisei as the figurehead and focal point in an innovative research expedition to the North Pacific Gyre.

Ocean Voyages Institute in conjunction with a team of international innovators, ocean lovers, sailors,scientists and environmentalists collaborated to launch Project Kaisei. Project Kaisei is seeking viable solutions for the problems associated with plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean’s “Plastic Vortex”, in area estimated to be twice the size of Texas.

This initial expedition will document and systematically examine refuse materials for identification while testing the best catch methods which can be utilized in collecting the waste in the Plastic Vortex for future reprocessing while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the ocean environment and without endangering sea life.

Project Kaisei has been Recognized by the United Nations – Environment Program and recently selected as one of less than ten global “Climate Heroes” in the lead up to the Copenhagen talks on climate change this December. Project Kaisei also has been endorsed by National Geographic who will be collaborating on the distribution of the documentary film. Project Kaisei is currently looking to continue the ground swell of support from individual donations, family foundations and corporations to further this necessary goal.

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Catlin Arctic Survey Pollutes the Pristine Arctic Wilderness?

Posted by pwl on May 4, 2009

Evidence of pollution via abandoned fuel drums on Ellesmere Island Source: and

Montreal Gazette, Thursday, August 28 2008

Standing near the edge of the Northwest Passage, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced a pair of measures yesterday to boost Canada’s ability to prevent pollution and monitor shipping in its Arctic waters.

The Harper government plans to introduce legislation that will extend the enforcement zone of the Arctic Waters Pollution Prevention Act, which prohibits ships from dumping waste.

If the facts show that the Catlin Survey or their support teams left these oil drums in the Arctic on Ellesmere Island THEN THEY HAVE POLLUTED the Canadian Arctic and Canadian Law Ought to be brought to bear upon them for such egregious acts of anti-environmental pollution.

Here is one law in Canada that might apply. What other environmental laws would apply and for which charges against the Catlin Arctic Survey can be brought (should they be guilty of the accusation of polluting the arctic)?

Oil Pollution Prevention: A Global Effort

Oil spills pose a serious threat to wildlife, such as the sea otter.

Reporting Pollution, do your part and report this pollution incident.

Canadian Arctic Waters Pollution Prevention Act


An Act to prevent pollution of areas of the arctic waters adjacent to the mainland and islands of the Canadian arctic

WHEREAS Parliament recognizes that recent developments in relation to the exploitation of the natural resources of arctic areas, including the natural resources of the Canadian arctic, and the transportation of those resources to the markets of the world are of potentially great significance to international trade and commerce and to the economy of Canada in particular;

AND WHEREAS Parliament at the same time recognizes and is determined to fulfil its obligation to see that the natural resources of the Canadian arctic are developed and exploited and the arctic waters adjacent to the mainland and islands of the Canadian arctic are navigated only in a manner that takes cognizance of Canada’s responsibility for the welfare of the Inuit and other inhabitants of the Canadian arctic and the preservation of the peculiar ecological balance that now exists in the water, ice and land areas of the Canadian arctic;

NOW THEREFORE, Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and House of Commons of Canada, enacts as follows:
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The Last Man on Earth

Posted by pwl on March 27, 2009

Get your popcorn, pull up a chair, press full screen and play! Enjoy this full feature film with Vincent Price in his full glory!

The Last Man on Earth (Italian title: L’Ultimo uomo della Terra) is a 1964 Italian horror/science fiction film based upon the Richard Matheson novel I Am Legend. The film was directed by Ubaldo Ragona and Sidney Salkow, and starred Vincent Price. The script was written in part by Matheson, but he was dissatisfied with the result and was therefore credited as “Logan Swanson”. William Leicester, Furio M. Monetti, and Ubaldo Ragona were the other writers.

It was filmed in Rome, Italy, and was later released theatrically in the United States by American International Pictures. It has since fallen into the public domain.

In the year 1968, every day is the same for Dr. Robert Morgan (Vincent Price). He wakes up, gathers his weapons and then literally goes vampire hunting. Morgan lives in a world where everyone else has been infected by a new disease that turns them into vampire-like creatures. They cannot stand sunlight, fear mirrors, and are repelled by garlic. They would kill Morgan if they could, but fortunately, they are weak and not too smart. At night, Morgan locks himself inside his house listening to jazz on the hi-fi, and in the morning, he kills as many vampires as he can, destroying the bodies.

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Beyond Fossil FOOLS, the value of going nuclear

Posted by pwl on March 18, 2009

Fossil Fuels Kill 50,000 per year in the USA, and 2 million per year around the world.

The only energy source that will support a planet with six to nine billion people is nuclear.

If we just recycle the nuclear waste [and use it as fuel in Fast Neutron Reactors] that we are going to throw away in Yucca Mountain we probably won’t have to mine new material for 300 to 500 years!

This technology solves the nuclear waste problem!!!” and that is good environmental stewardship.

The Nuclear Industry has actually been the safest industry by far! While Nuclear Energy can kill people Fossil Fuels DO KILL PEOPLE [EVERY DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY].

“What about Three Mile Island? Not one person died at Three Mile Island. It was the worst possible accident with a core melt down BUT everything worked, all the safety precautions worked. Not one person died at Three Mile Island! Yes, Really not one! How many miners die each year mining fossil fuels? Many!

There are over 400 nuclear reactors around the world today so it’s already with us. New reactors built in the future will be safer.

Fast Neutron Reactors rule the GREEN ENERGY landscape in many application scenarios for large scale reliable power generation. READ THIS DOCUMENT:

Fast-neutron reactors could extract much more energy from recycled nuclear fuel, minimize the risks of weapons proliferation and markedly reduce the time nuclear waste must be isolated.” – Smarter Use of Nuclear Waste (pdf), Scientific American, December 2005.

To the NYTimes Editor:

Your support and discussion of the Environmental Protection Agency’s radiation standard for the Yucca Mountain spent nuclear fuel repository in Nevada is a breath of fresh air in a highly politicized and often confused debate. One point missing, however, is that the original requirement for a 10,000-year isolation time is a result of the outdated policy decision, made during the Carter administration, to not recycle spent nuclear fuel.

As two of my colleagues and I have pointed out in our article ”Smarter Use of Nuclear Waste” (pdf) in the December issue of Scientific American, if the spent fuel is recycled, the required isolation time for the true waste is reduced to less than 500 years. In addition, one is able to obtain more than 99 percent of the energy in the original uranium ore compared with less than 1 percent with the current wasteful once-through cycle.

Modern recycling of spent nuclear fuel makes nuclear power sustainable and essentially inexhaustible, minimizes the risks of nuclear weapons proliferation and operates without contributing to climate change.

Gerald E. Marsh
Chicago, Nov. 25, 2005
The writer is a physicist.

Beyond Fossil Fools
book overview (pdf).

Clean, renewable, eternal energy is at hand. The energy — produced by the wind, the sun, biofuels, and nuclear power — is available, completely affordable, and fully attainable within 30 years. With this message, vision, rallying cry, and call to action, this book radiates hope, optimism, and courage. This book is a blueprint for a cleaner, safer, more peaceful, and more prosperous future.

That’s the plan. Vigorously promote wind power and solar energy so that by 2040 each contributes at least 10 percent of total U.S. electrical needs. Each would then produce more electrical energy than the total consumed in Italy. Get the remaining from hydro, bio-mass and nuclear.

The United States can achieve these goals by 2040 if a diligent, committed U.S. public crafts the political will. But time is running out. The world must commit time and resources now to develop and deploy the alternative energy sources and related infrastructures we know we will need within our lifetimes. The U.S. public and the world at large, especially elected officials, need broader and deeper learning about energy issues. A perfect storm is brewing.

This book is arranged into three main sections: problems, solutions, and the necessary transitions.

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It’s Recycling Not Plastic that is the problem

Posted by pwl on March 14, 2009

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