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The QUADFECTA of Doomsday

Posted by pwl on March 14, 2011

2012 arrives 19 months 12 days early! The QUADFECTA of Doomsday:

(1) 8.9-9.0 Earthquake with hundreds of aftershocks which moved the entire island of Japan 8ft and tilted the Earth on it’s axis!,
(1b) not to mention the electrical power outage doomsday, or lack of food doomsday, or lack of emergency responders doomsday;

(2) 10 Meter Tsunamis Surge Waves crushing everything washing away towns and cities,
(2b) not to mention a massive Tsunami Whirlpool sucking ships to their doom;

(3) Multiple Nuclear Meltdown Incidents, caused by the 10 meter tsunamis wiping out the backup power diesel generators, in progress with Impressive Hydrogen Explosions and radiation releases;

(4) and the icing on the cake of 2012 doomsday writ 20 months early, Volcanic Eruption in Japan at Shinmoedake Volcano!

Ring of Fire indeed.

Just how does one defend against each of these “doomsday scenarios”, let alone when they all happen at once?

(1) Earthquake Doomsday.

(2) Tsunami Wave Surge Doomsday.

(2b) Tsunami Whirlpool Doomsday

(2c) Post Tsunami Devastation. Would you really build here again? Really?

(3) Nuclear Doomsday.

Fukushima Unit 1 Hydrogen Explosion

Fukushima Unit 3 Hydrogen Explosion

(4) Shinmoedake Volcano spewing hot magma destruction Doomsday.

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